On This Day: Dreams come true


Learning from your mistakes is crucial for growth and progress. To ensure the lessons from our mistakes are digested every day, Facebook has a nifty call back to just a fraction of the stupidity we put on the internet, called On This Day.

It’s like Throwback Thursday, except it’s every day and it reminds you of idiotic things you wrote or did.


“Dream come true.” God, what a d-bag.

They say set the bar low and you will never be disappointed. In 2009, I set the bar for my personal happiness on the ground. I signed up to play in a basketball tournament and thought it would be cool to play with a bunch of SHARPIE-DRAWN symbols of the critically-acclaimed franchise, Transformers. 

I had a classmate spend an hour drawing these on the night before, I texted my friends about it, took photos, and then the tournament was rained out and pushed to another day and I never got to play. I couldn’t wash off the tattoos, either, because—you know—sharpie.

The two comments underneath that status are not insults or attacks on my character or well-being. Instead, it’s two people who are guilty of encouraging me to live my life as the mayor of Idiot Town.

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