The Godfrey family, family, brothers, sisters, brothers and sistersTim Godfrey is a writer of many things, but his greatest work is writing the chapters of his life. 

Just kidding. Can you imagine if that was a real thing I wrote?

My name is Tim, and I am a journalist and a writer.

Aren’t they the same thing? 

No. One is poor and hated by everyone, and one is poor and hated by every–I guess they are the same. Never mind.

I am a reporter of both news and sports, a football writer, copyeditor, and from time-to-time I write funny things.

I love sports, hate a lot of stuff, and I am an expert at not having a social life. Not because I am busy or anything, I just prefer the comforts of my home over the discomfort of drinking in a crowded bar that reeks of urine and body odor.

Unfortunately, I am dragged out through a guilt trip of my own devising or my friend(s).

I hope you enjoy my writing, or at the very least, click on a bunch of my links so that I can make a few cents off this stupid thing.

Yes, my parents are very disappointed in me.