McDonald’s doesn’t care about you or your sauce needs


A local Oklahoma City McDonald’s is charging for extra sauces, which is confusing.

Mostly because the Word document taped to the drive-thru window read like someone was trying to say all the words before they ran out of breath.


We are now charging for sauces thasht exceeded what’s provided.

First off, let’s note whoever wrote this is not hooked on phonics. 

Ketchup and mayo is still free if nuggets nor tenders were not purchase one sauce is free any other sauce would be a .27 charge

I don’t know. All I can pull from this is that ketchup and mayo are free if they’re being solely used for nuggets. I can’t tell if tenders are allowed. 

It’s an abysmal letter but more so for the policing of the sauces than of the writing. I can forgive someone typing like any idiot on Facebook. That’s just the way people write now because everyone is now accustomed to being stupid. “LIKE IT MATERS, MY MASSAGE STILL STANDS” writes Debbi from Scottsdale, in response someone correcting the grammar of her negative review of a Chili’s. 

“Awful. You’re food is terible and if you think coming here again no thank you.” 

McDonald’s food is basically the cereal of the fast food world. If you’re having it for dinner that means mom was too tired to cook dinner. She’d rather you have breakfast for dinner or feed you the edible equivalent of cigarettes then give you ungrateful bastards a decent meal. Why should she cook for people who don’t have the common decency to hang up their towels or cough? 

McDonalds remains the king of the fasfood block even with their boring menu. Aside from a revolving door of promotional items, McDonald’s still gives people things like Happy Meals, Big Macs, and burger patties that taste like a cardboard coaster. 

McDonald’s profits have raised slightly the last three fiscal years and continue to rake in billions despite sitting on a tired staple menu and novelty pieces of garbage like the McRib and the Shamrock Shake, the two food staples for people who get excited for shiny objects and people who base their entire personality on going against the grain. 

“THREAD The McRib is actually a good sandwich and doesn’t get enough credit. Here’s why: (1/274).” 

Despite knowing better, I still have to let out my knee-jerk, “drop dead” verbal response whenever I read moronic items like this on Twitter. HR has asked me not to scream “drop dead” while I’m at work, though. So, I usually walk outside and say it next to all the smokers. 

Yet, despite making massive profits, local franchises decide to nickel and dime people out of honey mustard. 

When I rolled up to this McDonald’s in OKC, I was just getting coffee as it’s the only thing on the menu that doesn’t suck. However, I couldn’t help but notice this sign was posted well after the Chic Fil A vs Popeye’s fiasco, a massive free promotion for both franchises. Both Chic-Fil-A and Popeyes make an above-average chicken sandwich and their “war” convinced people to 1) spend money at their restaurants and 2) convince people to defend their product against all others. 

I’m not talking only defending on Twitter. I’m talking about Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. Food reviewers broke down these chicken sandwiches like they were trying to explain the inner workings of an atom bomb. They gave their final word as if they were Supreme Court justices weighing in on the most complex of issues. 

The Popeyes vs Chic-Fil-A debate provided millions in free promotion. McDonald’s has never and probably will never engage in anything like that. It will, however, continue to make forgettable food and print money. 

McDonald’s won’t even fix the McFlurry machine but God forbid they throw in an extra honey mustard or some sweet and sour.