Wednesday Wisdom


It’s Wednesday, which means everyone is going to share a nugget of wisdom and reenact the Geico commercial where the camel asks everyone what day it is.

That’s making a comeback for some reason. My guess is human stupidity’s attraction to things that are dumb. That’s why Imagine Dragons is popular. I have Imagine Dragons on two Spotify playlists, so don’t think my ID slam was me putting myself above all of you idiots. I’m just as dumb as you.


I love me some me

Photoshoot people are my new favorite thing.

Happiness is a choice, alright. That’s what this guy chose when he posed for these pictures. Despite all odds!

Whenever I see these posts, I always think of this:

Material things are better

People mistake common decency for some sort of superpower that needs to be praised at every turn. Which allows “entrepreneurs” (unemployed) and “influencers” (YouTuber/Model/fictional festival promoters) the opportunity to appear intelligent.

Take a look at these lists. What the hell is unselfish generosity? If that exists, that means selfish generosity also exists. I have no idea why he pushed two synonyms together to list a new trait, other than the fact that he’s a dunderhead.

No one is more impressed with someone’s ability to dream than someone’s ability to make money. It also takes zero courage to dream. Having the courage to dare is not a thing because that’s not even a complete thought. The courage to dare what? I dare you to get hooked on phonics, Vala!

Cars 2 sucked

The best wisdom is no wisdom at all.

A luxury car is to an “entrepreneur” what an Instagram post is to someone who works out — a flex veiled as inspiration. I call them like I see them because I am one of them ( Watch me quarter squat on a Bosu ball, IG: @timgodfrey__).

Thanks to the magic of car rentals and leases, everyone can get a luxury car and claim they got it as a result of their business savvy, hard work and wise stock investments. Ignore the fact my Lambo is in a dirty garage and all of my stock is in Blockbuster. I am an entrepreneur who can curl 40 pounds (once again, IG: @timgodfrey__).